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Rose Tyler
7 April 1987
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Rose Tyler led a fairly normal life until she turned 19. A perfectly normal, average life with a job in Henrik's Department store and a boyfriend named Mickey Smith. Normal, if a bit boring. Rose didn't mind, much.

What she did rather mind was being chased by mannequins and having her job blown up by a strange man who called himself the Doctor. Some days she still wonders how crazy she was to agree to accompany him.

She's been with the Doctor for... well, time tends to get a bit fuzzy when you're traipsing about the universe, but she's been with him through the end of the world, alien invasions, a world war, Daleks, and finally through the death of one Doctor and his regeneration into another.

It was kind of startling, that.

But not as startling as what came later.

(do you believe me?)
(but you're still listening)

Rose Tyler is from some point after the events in The Christmas Invasion for her role in apharsites, and is post-Doomsday in bibliasylum and theatrical_muse. She is post-Parting of the Ways in milliways_bar, and is here for RP purposes in all of the above.

I am, obviously, not Rose or Billie Piper, nor do I own the character. She's a creation of Russell T. Davies, who I hope never reads this or sues me.

Mun can be found at viridian.